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Hereafter Exellys

Exellys is responsible as data processor for the processing of personal data of people that register on the web-site, candidate consultants and consultants, employees and representatives, in accordance with applicable laws and the stipulations of this policy.

1. This policy gives you all necessary information about the terms and conditions on which we receive and process your personal data, if you register on the website or otherwise transmit personal information to us.
2. By accepting this policy during your registration, you expressly agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please do not proceed with your registration and contact us.
3. The data you provide will be registered in a central database.
For any questions regarding the processing of your data, GDPR compliance and Privacy Policy, you can always send a message to:
This address is intended for this purpose only and the person responsible for the protection and processing of data will answer you.
You may also use this address to oppose any use of the personal data registered, or to request termination of certain services or communications.
You can also use this address to request a transfer of your data in a structured manner.
You can use this address to request a rectification, limitation, or termination of use, revocation of consent of the stored personal data (the so-called right to be forgotten).
Any request will be answered within thirty days.
Data will be retained as long as your profile or account is active with us and no later than twenty-four months after the last contact, unless a longer passive retention obligation is imposed by law (e.g. staff records). Obviously, subject to legal obligations, all your data will be limited or removed at your request in accordance with the above.
Use of the personal data provided by you
The information you provide will be used for the stated purposes, to allow you to apply for a certain position, to present you for a certain position, to transmit your information to interested clients, to create a personal account or to receive requested documentation and information. In the case of an employment with us, the data will then be included in your personnel file. The information may be used to organize a comparative survey to select personnel for recruitment; to facilitate the selection process and your candidacy with a client; to manage the administration of the application and the different stages of an application; to manage the delivery of your services with our clients; to inform you and offer services; to assess your professional skills and aptitude; to use your profile and curriculum to offer you assignments. The information provided by you may be transferred to third parties taking in to account the nature of the activities by which you wish to apply for registration on our Website and possibly to other parties with which we cooperate to offer services and training. Please read our cookie and third party policy.

Processing and use of personal data
The following information might be stored upon registration on our Website or otherwise during a job application by you or an exchange of information about your personal data and interests:

  • knowledge and education level (start and end year of education, educational institution, field of study, etc.);
  • certain personal data concerning the identity of the registered person (such as gender, name, date of birth and place, nationality, address, telephone number, e-mail address, driver's license);
  • professional experience (start and end date, organization, content of the function, etc.);
  • vacancy preferences (type of vacancies you want to receive, terms of employment, type of job, sector, region, etc.);
  • Other possible data requested and provided by you.

In case of a concrete request or application for a position, the following information may also be requested and stored in your personal file

  • Knowledge, (computer science - language knowledge);
  • a statement of motivation to apply for a position;
  • Filling out a standard CV or documents made available
  • Pieces of evidence (degree, language test, etc.);
  • admission criteria

In further treatment and completion of a candidature / application, we can perform the following services (also for the client):

  • completing a personality report;
  • indicate the motivation for the vacancy
  • Linguistic, knowledge or psychological tests; − assessment centre - reports
  • selection reports;
  • selection between suitable candidates;
  • other related services or results of tests

Information may be processed for the purposes of executing searches for potential candidates on behalf of clients, assessing your suitability for certain positions and inform you about them, verifying the provided data.
By submitting your registration, providing personal data and your antecedents, where applicable, you agree that to complete your personal file, we can collect data and collect data from third parties (which you mention in your candidacy) or complete the data with accessible data on the Internet (e.g., LinkedIn, IT jobs, social media, ..).
The data obtained and stored will only be used only for the purpose and for which you have given us permission by your registration as specified in this policy.
As detailed above this information may be shared with and disclosed to particular clients and other members of Exellys to whom this information is available within the same limits as detailed in this policy.

Third party websites

If you are in contact with a third party (usually a client) in the context of a candidature, we explicitly indicate that you then request and review its rules for processing and storing personal data. The same goes for links and assignments of other third-party websites that you would click on or consult, we obviously does not assume responsibility for the content, structure, etc. of third party websites.

Email and messages

By accepting these terms and conditions, you also grant permission to use your personal information for sending automated email or other electronic messages or information about our services, including employment information or information about service providers, etc. You always have the option to choose to no longer receive such messages or information by contacting us at the e-mail address indicated above (start of the policy).
If you continue with your registration/application, you agree to this Privacy Policy, acknowledge that you have been informed about the processing of your personal data. You agree with the way your personal data are processed. You acknowledge that you freely choose to provide us with personal data and by sharing these data with us to the processing of those data as specified. You declare that all information you provide to us voluntarily is correct and not misleading and you hereby agree to provide all relevant information for the purpose for which you contact us.

This Privacy Policy is governed, interpreted and executed in accordance with Belgian law, which applies exclusively to any dispute. The courts in Antwerp are exclusively authorized to judge any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or implementation of this Privacy Statement.
Each person also has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority for Belgium: Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit or the Netherlands Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, in the Member State where he usually resides or where he has his place of work or where the infringement was committed if he considered that the processing of personal data violates applicable European or local Privacy regulations.
. Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels
+32 (0) 2 274 48 00
+32 (0) 2 274 48 35
Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens Bezuidenhoutseweg 30 2594 AV DEN HAAG
+31 (0)88 - 1805 250
If any part of this policy about the use and processing of personal data, due to new European or national regulations, would no longer be correct, the relevant stipulations should be considered and qualified as adapted and in accordance with the new "regulations". We will adapt our terms and conditions accordingly as soon as possible.
Last update 02/02/2022

For any questions or requests, please contact us at : Exellys nv, Motstraat 32, 2800 Mechelen, 0556.870.169


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Providing data to third parties and third party services
It is possible that, in the context of an optimum service, we will call on third-party services that
assist us; These will then be able to access some of the information you provide and the data you have stored; However, the information is only to be used only in accordance with the purpose as set out in our Privacy Policy.

Personal data will be stored on our servers within the European Union.
Personal data can be shared and transferred to clients and through the use of cookies and storage by third parties, they might be stored in countries outside the European Union.
Therefore, we request your explicit and free consent by accepting this policy, that you authorize us to pass collected and maintained personal data to any country, including non- European Union countries, which may not have adequate data protection for the purposes described in this statement. This does not affect the fact that GDPR and Privacy legislation may apply to these third parties because of the disclosure of personal data from the EU.
By declaring your consent as set forth you therefore explicitly and unambiguously (a) agree that personal data, or parts thereof, may be disclosed or otherwise transferred, as described above, to recipients in countries that may provide different, less or even inadequate protection of personal data as compared to the standards applicable in the jurisdiction you reside or work in or from where you contacted us, and (b) waive protection.
You can always object to the use of cookies as indicated and you can always contact us to object or request specifications as to the storage of your data.


This Website is owned and made available by Exellys nv, Motstraat 32, 2800 Mechelen 0556.870.169 and Exellys Nederland BV, 81200994, Joan Muyskensweg 22, 1106 CJ Amsterdam
Hereafter Exellys (or "us")
By using this Website, you accept the terms of use. If not, you should stop using and consulting this website.
The Privacy policy and the Cookie-third party- terms of use policy, are explicitly accepted by you during the process of registration.
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Exellys is committed to keep all information on the Website as accurate and understandable as possible. Nevertheless, Exellys cannot take any responsibility or guarantee that all information is correct, complete and up to date. No warranties are provided in this regard and the information is then stated without binding or advisory value.
Although Exellys makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the material on the Website and to prevent malfunctions, we are not responsible for inaccurate information, malfunction, discontinuation or other events that might cause direct (e.g. computer malfunctions) or indirect (e.g. computer malfunctions, profit loss) damage. You are using and accepting the materials on this Website at your own risk. Exellys cannot be held responsible for the consultation and use of the Website by you and any damage that would result from, except for gross negligence or default equal to intentional misconduct.
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As a User, you are responsible for any use that you make of the information on the Website, and you agree to indemnify Exellys for any claim that would be made against Exellys because of incorrect information you provided or registered.
When you upload data to the Website (for example, when registering and applying for a job) or register information, you warrant that this information is accurate and complete, that you are entitled to upload this data and that you bear full responsibility for the content of the data.
As a user, you are responsible for all elements of information and data that you register or upload and you warrant that you have controlled with all reasonable efforts, they are free of viruses, trojan horses or other harmful elements that may cause damage to Exellys or third parties.
If you use passwords or login data, they are strict personal and you must ensure the safety of this information to prevent third party use.


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Right of suspension - warranties

You agree with Exellys’ right to suspend, suspend, limit or restrict access, use, etc. of the Website at all times.
Exellys does not assume any warranties or commitments that the Website is at all times free of viruses and / or other harmful elements or programs, or the fact that the links through this Website to other websites would be free from viruses and / or other harmful elements or programs.


Exellys reserves the right to change these terms of use. Please consult this page from time to time to find out about these terms of use and any new information.


If any of the provisions of this policy and terms of use are held to be or rendered void or unenforceable, the Parties agree that the same shall not result in the nullity or unenforceability of the remaining provisions, but that they will use their best efforts to replace such provision with a valid and enforceable provision which will achieve, to the extent possible, the economic, business or other purpose for said void or unenforceable provision or to reduce or moderate it to what is allowed in law or legally possible.
All disputes, controversies or claims arising out of or related to this Agreement which cannot be settled amicably between the Parties shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Antwerp, Belgium and shall be subject Belgian law with the exclusion of its conflict of law rules to the extent that these would refer to non-Belgian law.

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