From ambition to excellence

Our talent life cycle

As soon as a candidate has convinced us they have what it takes to become an Exellyst, they enter one of our two-year training and coaching programs. This way, we not only ensure that the right person ends up in the right place, but also make sure that they are able to keep developing themselves.

As soon as they’ve concluded their two-year track, your organization will have the opportunity to hire them.

These training and coaching programs are also open to your own employees

From graduate to professional

Start Smart

The Start Smart program guides graduates or emerging potentials with less than 2 years of work experience to the level of dynamic professionals. During these two years, we focus on sharpening the skills and developing the competencies that talent needs to become successful and happy professionals.

Partners: Outward Bound, Exellys

From emerging professional to advanced professional

Grow Smart

The Grow Smart program trains and coaches professionals with 2 to 4 years’ of work experience and aims to develop the crucial skills and competencies that are needed to drive the innovations of tomorrow. The program is built around 3 major themes: self-leadership, innovation and stakeholder & team engagement.

Partners: Outward Bound, Board of Innovation, Projective

From advanced professional to future-fit digital leader

Lead smart

The Lead Smart program is intended for advanced professionals with around 4 to 8 years of professional experience, who are ready to take on their first role in leadership. The purpose of this program is to develop experts who act as trusted leader and can effectively drive innovation in the digital landscape.

Partners: Projective, Fligby, Vlerick Business School, StreetwiZe

A tailored approach

Our programs, your team

Next to organising these programs for our own employees and consultants, we regularly enrol the inhouse talent of our clients in these tracks and/or support them in their recruitment or training and coaching needs with a more tailored approach. We believe that this is the ultimate evidence that these programs do have an impact on the workforce of our clients.

This doesn’t only go for your younger team members but for your middle management as well. By focusing on agility, leadership and team dynamics we can optimise your link between strategy and execution.

Our plan for personal development

Personal coaching, taken seriously

Every Exellyst has a personal coach (or Talent Development Manager, as we like to call them) at their disposal. These seasoned and certified professionals with a strong background in tech and talent development will actively challenge our consultants to:

  • Expand their knowledge
  • Step out of their comfort zones
  • Experiment with new behavior and skills
  • Take big steps in their professional and personal development

Because we focus on bringing out the excellence in our Exellysts, you are able to stay focused on your core business and growth.

Our partners

We continually push our learning methods. During all of our Smart programs, hands-on learning is our primary goal. To achieve this goal, we joined forces with six partners who are all leaders in their respective fields.

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