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Raf Seymus Founder & CEO

4 gaps to bridge when hiring young IT talent

As manager and employer these gaps are undoubtedly familiar

1. IT talent is

Belgium needs 8,000 new IT talents. But every year only 1,800 graduate from universities. This structural shortage makes it harder than ever to find and retain fitting IT professionals.

2. Graduates lack
working skills

Universities aim to deliver IT talent that is ready to enter the job market. In reality, most employers find that IT graduates still have much to learn when it comes to performance in the workplace.

3. Generational

For the first time in history, four generations can be found around the meeting table: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. Each with their own style and preferences, their collaboration poses an entirely new challenge to employers that want to on-board and integrate digital talent.

4. Difficult to create
new leaders

Organisations need qualified digital leaders to sustain. But most professionals don’t turn into leaders by themselves. Developing leadership takes targeted training and coaching.

How Exellys bridges the gap

Exellys’ single mission is to attract, develop and retain top IT talent in your company.

We match the ambition of talent with your business goals.

We’re not a recruitment agency and we’re not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed.
We are IT talent integrators.

Attract & Match

Each year we screen about 1,000 IT graduates.
Our goal is the perfect fit: the right talent in the right place.

Learn more how we attract and match young IT talents in your company.

Develop & Integrate

Exellys bridges the gap between the academic and the business world by creating the ideal incubator for young IT professionals.

Learn more how we develop & integrate IT talent into your company.

Grow & Retain

Exellys unites companies and young IT professionals in a successful partnership. 

Learn more how we grow & retain IT talent into your company.

IT Talent Life Cycle

We challenge the traditional ways of talent recruitment and development. We use our own model to help companies attract, develop and retain IT talent.

Work Smarter

We advise your IT organisation and management on attracting, developing and retaining IT talent.

IT Talent Pulse Check

During a one hour advisory pulse-check session we provide an answer to your main organisational challenge regarding IT talent hiring, development & retention. A low-entry level and straightforward way to get to know us. 

IT Talent Vitality Workshop

During an interactive workshop (typically 2-days), Exellys experts help you to build a tailor-made blueprint  for your organisations future IT talent development potential to stay ahead of the business needs. 

IT Talent Advisory

We provide bespoke consultancy services within our area of expertise. Customers typically enter a consultancy trajectory as a complement to a Talent Vitality Workshop, in case of limited in-house resources or whenever organisations seek a sparring partner to zoom-in on specific cases. 

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You can rely on us for a wide range of experience and skill sets. We have worked with organisations in industries such as Finance, IT/Technology, Consulting, Industry, Insurance, and Telecom — both large companies and scale-ups. In terms of technical expertise, our specialists can help you with the domains below.

  • Software engineering
  • Security
  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Project management
  • IT Consultancy
  • Infrastructure