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You’re a young IT professional with plenty of potential. But it remains untapped in your current job, and you start to feel restless. If that’s you, we should talk.
Joining Exellys is starting an entirely new chapter in your career. We’ll help you pick from a host of different jobs. Then, you’ll kick-start your professional development in our proven coaching and training programme (START SMART or GROW SMART depending on your track record). 

An intensive trajectory that is at the heart of what we do and believe in: turning talent into excellence.
We work with IT professionals who are fully committed to finally realise their own potential. Sounds like you? Then we could be a great match.

In which domain will you excel?

  • Software Engineering
  • Analysis
  • Data
  • Project Management
  • IT Consultancy
  • Security
  • Infrastructure

Future Leaders Academy

Our new hires immediately enter the Future Leaders Academy: an intensive 2 to 4-year programme built on the research-based Korn Ferry Global Leadership Architect™ model, designed to make you a top IT Professional and a Future-fit Digital Leader. We go the extra mile with individual and peer-to-peer coaching, business and technical training and frequent feedback opportunities (in person and online).

We offer two programmes: START SMART which takes 2 years and which most of our new hires enter, and GROW SMART which is an optional continuation (2 years). The essence of the former is to develop self-leadership through focus on knowledge, skills and attitude for IT Professionals, while the latter develops you as a Future-fit Digital Leader. Which programme you'll enter depends on your background.

Coaching, taken seriously

Job coaching alone doesn’t cut it.

Our 3-level coaching plan is designed to accelerate your personal development on 3 levels:

Project (short term)
Career (mid-term)
Evaluation (long term)

The coaching is based on Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™, a research-based global competency framework for talent, performance and competency management. The framework includes 4 factors (Self, People, Results & Thought) and 38 competencies, of which we have identified the 15 essential competencies for Future-fit Digital Leaders.

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There are many IT talents.
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Our selection process is fast, intensive, honest and transparent. Because we coach applicants from the very first contact, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and about which road to take professionally.

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