The world is changing

The impact of industry 4.0

According to the World Economic Forum, in five years, over one-third of skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, genetic editing and more are no longer science fiction but near future.

Companies need to anticipate and embrace this technological and digital (r)evolution. But most of all, talent needs to be prepared today in order to tackle the innovations of tomorrow. 

We nurture young talent towards excellence

Core competencies for future-fit digital leaders

Finding qualified talent in IT, science and engineering will become the main challenge of companies preparing for industry 4.0. But aside from knowledge, hard skills and technological expertise, the right mindset to be able to keep innovating is key.

As future-fit digital leaders, our consultants have to be prepared for future challenges. Innovation, co-creating and flexibility are competencies close to our hearts, as well as:

  • Building collaborative relationships
  • Communicating effectively
  • Drive results
  • Change agility 
  • Tech savviness
  • Nimble learning
  • Being resilient
  • Cultivating innovation
  • Managing ambiguity
  • Customer focus
  • Openness & transparency

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The Exellys Academy

Traditional education cannot keep up with the speed of change

Industry 4.0 is coming at a fast pace. Our current education system is not prepared for training the tech talent that is needed to drive the innovations of tomorrow. Classical jobs are disappearing and new challenges are arising, but education is stuck in between.

Exellys bridges this gap. We are enriching IT, science and engineering talent by combining hands-on training, self-development, deep learning tracks and practical experience through internships, graduate programs and career accelerators for young professionals. This way, fast learning and practice are integrated to shape qualified and dedicated future-fit digital leaders.

A steep learning curve

Working in industry 4.0

Constantly sharpening your skills has never been more important. That's why we are already training our consultants to be ready for the jobs of the future.

Through hands-on workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions and deep dive technical tracks we'll make sure that our Exellysts are ready for whatever industry 4.0 might throw at them.

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