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We are tech talent integrators

Our single mission is to attract, develop and retain the finest tech talent in large and medium-sized companies and major tech start-ups. We integrate IT, science and engineering talent into our customers' operations of today and we prepare them for the innovations of tomorrow.

Are you a student, recent graduate or young professional and are you looking for a challenge in IT, science or engineering? Or does your company believe in the potential of young tech talent? Let's talk!

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Founder & CEO, Raf Seymus
Founder & CEO, Raf Seymus

History and mission

In 2014, Raf Seymus founded Exellys together with the Brainbridge Group with the goal of changing the landscape of attracting and developing tech talent. Exellys believes in the potential to excellence of young talent in a world that is changing dramatically during industry 4.0.

We want to be at the forefront of change. That is why we exclusively work with highly qualified and motivated IT, science and engineering talent. We prepare them for the jobs that will shape the future, through intensive training and coaching and by encouraging self-development. We created an inspiring work environment for our consultants where they can thrive and grow to become highly capable and happy professionals.

In 2018, Exellys joined forces with The Alliance. An ecosystem which includes - and benefits - Exellys' clients, employees and consultants.

We're a different breed

Why we're different

We are not a recruitment agency. We are not a consultancy agency either.

We are tech talent integrators.

Tech: Industry 4.0 is at our doorstep. Companies need to anticipate and embrace this technological and digital (r)evolution. But most of all, talent needs to be prepared today in order to drive the innovations of tomorrow. 

Talent: We only work with A players with the potential to become game changers. Not only on the consultant but also on the client-side. Through thorough screening, testing and matching, we guarantee the perfect fit. We offer intensive training and coaching sessions and deep-dive technical tracks to unlock everyone's full potential.

Integrators: Growing talent for the innovations of tomorrow is just the beginning. We guide them to their dream job at one of our clients. After an accelerated career start we provide a smooth integration within the organization they work for.

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.

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To create excellence in others, you must be dedicated to striving after it yourself.
Meet our core team, a group of both highly ambitious and good-natured professionals.
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