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Here's our core business: to fully integrate young professionals into your company and accelerate their career start


With more than ten years' experience as IT Talent Integrators, we developed our state-of-the-art START SMART programme: a premium two-year training and coaching programme that turns Young Potentials into top IT Professionals.

We give young IT talents a dream career start. Once they have completed their 2-year START SMART programme on our payroll, companies can hire them without any extra cost. This is how we bridge the gap between academic and business life.

Start Smart

The essence of this 2-year training and coaching trajectory is to develop self-leadership through focus on knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for IT Professionals.

IT Talent Life Cycle

Exellys bridges the gap between academic and business life. Once completed the 2-year START SMART programme, companies can hire them without any extra cost. That's what we call win-win.

How we coach consultants to excellence

Exellys employees get their personal coach, also called Talent Development Manager. He or she is focused on their accelerated personal and professional development. In personal face-to-face meetings complemented with online meetings, consultants are coached on three levels:

  • Project: Guidance on-the-job. Increases performance, learning capabilities competencies and interpersonal skills
  • Career: A closer look at consultants’ talents and ambitions, and how their professional life is aligned
  • Evaluation: Because in the end, results are what counts and enables to make corrections where necessary

The Talent Development Manager is also the main contact between our customers and our core team.

Curious to see what our consultants say about coaching at Exellys?

Curious to see what our consultants say about coaching at Exellys?

We believe thorough coaching makes all the difference. Our consultants explain Exellys' coaching method and how this benefits their professional development. 

3-level coaching model

Our coaching method that makes all the difference

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect

Our approach, backed by research

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