Attract & Match

The right talent in the right place

Develop & Integrate  Grow & Retain

Finding the 'perfect fit' requires specific know-how

IT Talent Attraction

In a market where talent is scarce, we select and recruit 'A players' that meet the highest quality standards. 

IT Talent Matching

We always look for IT talent that best fits your needs, expectations and company culture.
Reciprocity is a guiding principle when matching talents with our customers.

Focus on top performers

We only hire ‘A players’ to help you achieve your business goals

Each year we screen about 1,000 graduates who we meet through campus recruitment, online & offline search and our Exellys' Referral Programme. Only 7% pass our selection criteria and are selected by our IT talent scouts.

Our consultants, your candidates

  • Min. Bachelor level
  • Max. 3 years of professional experience
  • Strong motivation to go the extra mile & to complete the program
  • Willingness to invest personal time for evening sessions & assignments
  • Capable to self-reflect & interact with peers and trainers in a positive way
Thorough screening, rigorous selection

  • 2 competency-based interviews
  • 5 psycho- technical tests on personality, behavioural styles, IQ, numerical intelligence and learning ability
  • Selection based on IQ, EQ, personality, motivation, communication and technical skills

Perfect matchmaking

We look for IT talent that best fits your expectations, company culture and needs 

The right talent in the right place

We match our customers' expectations, company culture, job content and career opportunities with the consultant's personality, skills and expectations.

Structural monitoring, intensive follow-up
  • Focus on continuity and long-term collaboration
  • Frequent and intensive follow-up with customer feedback to sustain the relationship
  • Individual coaching and evaluation following our 3-level method

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