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Our recipe for an accelerated career start


Gain the essential skills, competencies and knowledge to become an IT Professional who excels

Join Exellys and automatically enrol in our unique START SMART programme, our proven track for a highly accelerated career start. You’ll receive two years of training and coaching in engaging formats with one single goal: to turn you into a top IT Professional.

With more than ten years' experience as IT Talent Integrators, we developed this state-of-the-art training programme which combines consulting skills with technical expertise.

Our Talent Development Managers you maximum support so you can excel in your favourite IT domain.
Finally, you'll get individual and peer-to-peer coaching plus frequent feedback opportunities (in-person and online).

5-level leadership model

This model created by Jim Collins (author of Good To Great) describes the five levels you need to pass to become an Executive Leader that will turn a good company into an exceptional one.

Our Start Smart programme focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attitude of an IT Professional which correspond with Level 2: Contributing Team Member in Jim Collins' model.

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Penny Van Puymbroeck

IT Talent Scout