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Rise up to become a Future-fit Digital Leader

START SMART alumni optionally continue their professional development in the GROW SMART programme. This optional 2-year training and coaching track is based on learning through experience, experimentation and observation.

The programme is tailor-made to develop the future leaders of organisations. It is led by our Leadership Development Managers together with our dedicated partners, all certified in leadership development.

Our Leadership Development Managers give you maximum support. Finally, you'll get individual and peer-to-peer coaching plus frequent feedback opportunities (in-person and in-group).

5-level leadership model

This model created by Jim Collins (author of Good To Great) describes the five levels you need to pass to become an Executive Leader that will turn a good company into an exceptional one.

Our Grow Smart programme focuses on developing leadership competences, knowledge and skills to become a Future-fit Digital Leader which correspond with Level 3: Competent Manager in Jim Collins' model.

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