3-level coaching

Our coaching method that propels our consultants forward

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Exellys employees get their personal business coach, one of our Talent Development Managers. Expect him or her to push you to step up your game. The pace will be fast, but you’ll get all the support you need! In personal face-to-face sessions, complemented with virtual meeting and e-coaching sessions, you will be coached on three levels:


Guidance on-the-job. Increases your performance, learning capabilities, competencies and interpersonal skills. 


We’ll take a closer look at your talents and ambitions, and we’ll help you reach your personal goals by aligning your professional life with your talents and intrinsic motivation.


Because your achieved results are the most accurate indicator of your personal and professional growth.

Your Talent Development Manager is your personal point of contact for every question or issue that you may encounter.

VIDEO: Exellys' hallmark 3-level coaching method, explained

VIDEO: Exellys' hallmark 3-level coaching method, explained

We believe that thorough coaching makes all the difference. Charlotte, Robin, Thomas, Annelien, Ken and Nicolas explain Exellys' 3-level coaching method (project, career and evaluation) and how they benefit.

3-level coaching

Our coaching method that makes all the difference

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