Be at work, feel at home

We care

People are always our number one focus. We value personal contact with consultants, candidates and colleagues and treat everyone equally. Our open work space demands for positive interaction; greeting each other, giving compliments, lunching together... But we are also supportive of all people around us during difficult times, in or outside work. Every opinion and side matters: our 360° meetings help us listen to every party involved. We rematch our consultants into other jobs if the situation asks for it, because we truly believe in second chances. And successful integrations are celebrated, of course, with pie!  

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Join(t) forces

We believe that unifying strengths and embracing collaborations creates maximum impact. We support actively helping each other out. To us, this means giving and receiving full feedback, asking for someone's opinion and sharing our knowledge. Our team goals are put before personal goals and achieving those goals are always celebrated together. We believe in long-term partnerships and stimulate this by encouraging everyone to invest in their network. We believe in the power of connecting and connections. 

Innovate or die

Go for gold

We are devoted to excellence. We believe in being the best 'you' can be, by dreaming bigger and setting ambitious targets. We don't do mediocre. Leaving the comfort zone, thinking outside the box and looking for the best solution possible are our tools to challenge the status quo. We believe that we can improve ourselves by being critical but resilient. We try to automate everything to drive innovation. We are aiming for gold by staying ahead of the competition... always. 

Be like our office, open and transparent

Do the right thing

We strongly believe in transparency to establish a trustworthy relationship with all our stakeholders. No hidden agendas when it comes to us. We communicate respectfully and clearly and value honesty the most. Complimentary, we listen openly and respect other people, while only giving well-founded feedback. Not only are we being fair with others, we want to be true to ourselves too. Reflecting on our own behaviour and being a reliable colleague goes a long way. 

Happy cows give quality milk

More than business (cards)

You don’t have to be crazy to work with us, we’ll train you. We believe that fun at work boosts productivity, creativity and connectivity. At Exellys, it's not about the paycheck. Fun events, team buildings, riding the office bikes, challenging your colleagues to a game of pool or nerf gun battles in the office... are all part of our job descriptions. We encourage humour, even within meetings, and believe that choosing our own team for a specific project makes a huge difference. Oh, and our Dunglish is pretty okay too, if you ask us.