From ambition to excellence

Our talent life cycle

Offering career prospects and personal development opportunities is crucial in attracting tech talent. That's why we've developed our very own Talent Life Cycle.

Starting from our talent's personal and professional ambitions, we’ll help them choose from a broad range of jobs, technologies and potential customers to find the 'perfect fit'. Then, depending on their track record, they'll enter our proprietary Start, Grow or Lead Smart coaching and training program.

From young graduate to tech professional

Start Smart

After we've found a professional match, we focus on sharpening their skills and developing the competences they need to become a successful and happy tech professional. We achieve this through training & coaching and 360° follow-up between them, your company and Exellys.

Aside from the experience they gain on the job, they're able to strengthen their soft skills and technical expertise through practical and hands-on workshops, business games and deep dive technical tracks. On top of that, we encourage personal learning initiatives by providing a budget for purchasing books, certification exams, language training and a subscription to a learning platform of choice.

From professional to tech expert / emerging manager

Grow smart

By the time Exellysts have reached this phase of their career, they've become a contributing team member and will be confronted with leadership roles, even as a tech expert. Exellys will guide and support them in this phase of their career too.

Grow Smart is a customizable leadership program that is focused on tech, innovation and business and aims to develop the crucial skills and competences that are needed to drive the innovations of tomorrow.

From tech expert to emerging leader

Lead smart

Lead Smart is Exellys' most recent training and coaching program that is focused on creating effective future-fit digital leaders for the innovations of tomorrow. This brand new innovative two-year masterclass is meant for highly educated tech professionals with 4 to 8 years of working experience.

In order to fully develop aspiring team leads and technical leads, Lead Smart has two separate tracks: A Manager and an Expert track.

Our plan for personal development

Personal coaching, taken seriously

Every Exellyst will have a personal Talent Development Manager to provide them with maximum support so they can excel in their favourite domain. These seasoned and certified professionals with a background in tech and a passion for developing talent will help them in bridging their ambition to excellence.

Our 3-level coaching approach is highly personal and focuses on their personality and ambitions to shape their professional future. It is based on Korn Ferry Global Leadership Architect™, a research-based global competency framework. Together with Korn Ferry and senior HR executives we identified 15 crucial competences for the digital leaders of tomorrow.

We bridge ambition to excellence

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