Attract & match

Finding the "perfect fit" requires specific know-how


There is a significant shortage of tech professionals. The demand is enormous, whereas the supply is limited. We only hire ‘A players’ to help you achieve your business goals.

Each year we screen over 3.000 candidates who we meet through campus recruitment, online & offline search and our own referral program. Only 7% pass our selection criteria and are selected by our Tech Talent Scouts and Talent Development Managers.

To provide the most value for everyone involved, we look for talent that best fits your expectations, company culture and needs.
develop & integrate

Nurturing tech talent towards excellence


At Exellys, developing talent is in our DNA. Our intensive coaching programs and  scientifically based training tracks allow us to take your tech talent to the next level.

As experts in Tech Talent Incubation, we developed our state-of-the-art Smart programs: Three premium two-year training and coaching programs (with partners such as Outward Bound, StreetwiZe and Board of Innovation) that turn young potentials into top professionals.

We help our talent to grow faster so that your organization can grow more quickly too.

Grow & retain

Taking tech professionals to a leadership level


One in three employees with open-ended contracts will leave their employer within the first year, whereas three out of four indicated that career prospects and personal development opportunities are the main reasons to stay with the same employer for at least five years.

We not only focus on ensuring that the right talent ends up in the right place, but also on making sure that they are able to keep developing themselves. 

By offering training and continuous growth, we're able to dramatically increase retention for your company.

we bridge ambition to excellence

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Are you ready to invest in a high potential and do you believe, like us, that excellence should be stimulated?  


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