A new monthly update format

Dear Exellyst,

Because we don't want to bombard you with information that isn't strictly need to know on Speakap, we've been looking into a new format. And we're convinced that we've found it.

From now on you can expect a monthly update in the form of a webpage. Here we will give you an overview of new joiners, upcoming events, training information, new Exellys blogposts, updates in our client portfolio, interesting Exellys projects, etc. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We hope to see you soon!

Welcome aboard

New joiners

In the last week we've welcomed several new Exellysts, please join us in wishing them all the best (you can start by sending them a connection request on LinkedIn or say hi on Speakap):

And by the way, if you have people in your network who have what it takes to become an Exellyst, don't hesitate to list them as a referral 😉

See you soon?

Upcoming events

For obvious reasons, we haven't been hosting as much events as we would've liked to. But as a reply to your great interest in small physical after-work events, we'll be organizing at least one physical (corona-proof) after-work per month as of October. There's a maximum of 15 people allowed so if you want to join, make sure to register on Speakap.

For those who don't feel comfortable seeing us in real life, don't worry, wel also have some virtual events lined up:

  • 08/10 After-work drink at Exellys
  • 21/10 After-work drink at Exellys
  • 28/10 Online Escape Room
  • 30/10 Virtual talk: Coincidentally Relevant Computer Vision + Aperemote (tribe initiative)

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Trainings in the spotlight

Over the next couple of weeks we have several trainings lined up; Impact & influence (09/10), Scrum & agile (22/10 & 23/10), a (corona-proof) Grow Smart weekend, Prince 2 (12/10 & 13/10), Visual storytelling, etc. But in this segment we'd like to highlight two other trainings we'll be hosting in the near future:

Machine Learning with Python: This training has been postponed a few times due to lack of interest and Covid19. Despite the setbacks, we’re still very committed to give it a shot! If enough attendees are confirmed, we’ll set up a date with all of you.

IREB: The Requirements Engineering training has also fallen victim to Covid19. We're currently looking for a solid alternative for December to make this happen! If it’ll end up being a classroom training, the group will be smaller this time to account for safety measures, so keep a close eye on Speakap to secure your spot!

If you have questions about our training catalogue or would like to have some more information about specific trainings, don't hesitate to reach out to our training coordinator Sam De Meyer on Speakap!

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A milestone for everyone involved

The Exellys Graduation event

As some of you probably already noticed on social media, on the first of October we celebrated the graduation of several Start and Grow Smart classes in Technopolis. 

Although this was not the celebration we had in mind (packed group pictures, celebratory kisses, graduation hats flying in the air, etc.), we're still pretty proud of the fact that we were able to pull this off given today's context.

To those who will be integrating at their client: All the best with what's to come.

To those who are starting their follow up Grow or Lead Smart program: Fasten your seatbelts!

Check out to learn more

An Exellys & Projective initiative

Roadmap for a digital future in Belgium

Belgian companies need help to focus on digitalization. So it’s time to come up with a pragmatic action plan, packed with concrete initiatives to facilitate digital transformation.

We gathered some of Belgium’s brightest digital leaders for an inspiring roundtable discussion.

Head over to our blog to read more about this Exellys & Projective initiative.

New clients in the making

Sales update

Frederik, Penny & Steven haven't been sitting still the last couple of weeks. We're already proposing new Exellysts on challenges at a bunch of new companies that will hopefully join our client portfolio. 

  • Proximus
  • Itineris
  • Euroclear
  • Belfius Bank
  • Fujitsu
  • Etc.

Just like candidates, we also have a referral policy when it comes to business development, so don't hesitate to get us in touch with interesting prospects if you can!


A very happy birthday to...

  • Jasper Bracke (4/10)
  • Mike Joosten (8/10)
  • Benjamin Arte (9/10)
  • Wassim Berkani (12/10)
  • Lena Verbrugge (15/10)
  • Laura Cools (15/10)
  • Robin Verberckmoes (20/10)
  • Ilse Roosens (20/10)
  • Sorin Panciuc (24/10)
  • Krizia Bedeer (25/10)
  • Willen Loobuyck (28/10)
  • Joren Verspeelt (28/10)
  • Sébstien Schotte (31/10)

new beginnings


These Exellysts will join their client after successfully concluding their Smart Program:

  • Simon Verwimp - Belfius Insurance
  • Yannick De Bruyn - Belfius Insurance
  • Bo Vande Sompele - Belfius Insurance
  • Floriaan Doclo - Belfius Insurance
  • Wouter Vander Mijnsbrugge - Belfius Insurance
  • Jordy Vanpoucke - Belfius Insurance
  • Hannelore Verhaegen - Belfius Insurance
  • Lore Donné - Design Is Dead
  • Bram Van Asschodt - KBC
  • Jonas Vercauteren - Delen Private Bank
  • Thomas Lambregts - Swift
  • Casper Vranken - Swift
  • Jan De Laet - Swift
  • Tim Van Stappen - Swift

Unfortunately, these people are no longer part of Exellys:

  • Koen Spallier
  • Gilles Van Borm

We wish everyone all the best with whatever's next in their careers and happily welcome all of them at our next Alumni event!

One more thing...

Before we forget

As you probably already noticed, we like to share our stories. So, if you haven't already, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Glassdoor and TikTok (yes, we're on TikTok).

Go for gold. Be excellent.

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Ilse Roosens