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Dear Exellyst,

Because we don't want to bombard you with information that isn't strictly need to know on Speakap, we’re sharing these monthly updates in the form of a webpage.

Here we will give you an overview of new joiners, upcoming events, training information, new Exellys blogposts, updates in our client portfolio, interesting Exellys projects, etc.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Welcome aboard

New joiners

Although we have several Exellysts lined up to start in September/October, no new Exellysts started an assignment in the last four weeks.

So, if you happen to have people in your network who have what it takes to become an Exellyst, don't hesitate to list them as a referral. There's always room for motivated and talented people and you'll get a nice referral bonus in return...

See you soon?

Upcoming events

For obvious reasons, we haven't been hosting as much events as we would've liked to. But also in the upcoming months, we have some (digital) alternatives ready for all of you. As always, you can find more information on Speakap!

  • 6/05: Get connected session - ING
  • 11/05: Online beer tasting
  • Throughout the entire month: Exellys Bubble Bar (physical event - register on Speakap)
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Goals & ambitions

Fastfwd Belgium

We've already mentioned it during the last Meeting of the Minds, in our April update and you've probably seen it in popping up online in the last few days (LinkedIn, De Tijd, Bloovi, etc.), but since the official launch in the beginning of April, Fastfwd Belgium already had quite an impact.

We recently made this video with Stefan to clearly explain what the goals and ambitions of this project are.

Right now, our main goal is to make sure that as much companies as possible fill in the Digital Maturity Scan (that we developed with McKinsey), so feel free to share this in your network and encourage people to take 20 minutes to fill in the survey on our website!

Stefan Dierckx & Jurgen Ingels
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We need your help

The Exellys referral program

As you know, we're constantly on the lookout for new Exellysts. And you can help us.

Check in with your network and if you happen to know someone who might have what it takes, list them as a referral.

For every person that we can schedule an interview with, you'll get a budget of €100 to spend at your favourite restaurant (on take away or when it re-opens). For every hire, you'll get a cash bonus between €1.200 and €1.400.

Check out our current job openings and start looking around!


A very happy birthday to...

  • 02/05 Lien Ponnet
  • 03/05 Ibrahim El-Jilawi
  • 7/05 Anton Peeters
  • 10/05 Michiel Schrauwen
  • 12/05 Jessica Van Nuffel
  • 14/05 Niels Vandevenne
  • 16/05 Fien Willems
  • 18/05 Yassin Akachar
  • 22/05 Vincent Marinelli
  • 24/05 Wietse Steenmans
  • 26/05 Leslie Hemmerechts
  • 29/05 Wided Jallali
  • 31/05 Pieter Mijnendonckx

Are you one of the birthday kids of this month? Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox because a gift is coming your way! 🎁

Btw, check out your spam folder to be sure not to miss it!

new beginnings


These Exellysts will join their client after successfully concluding their Smart Program:
  • Matthieu Van Den Abbeele (Swift)
  • Louis Deville-Cavellin (Swift)
  • Thomas Puggia (Swift)
  • Mariusz Losicki (Swift)
  • Robin Van Roy (ING)
Unfortunately, these people will be leaving Exellys:
  • Jim De Beule
  • Sophian Ajouaou
We wish everyone all the best with whatever's next in their careers and happily welcome all of them at our next Alumni event!
Congrats to all graduates!

A milestone for everyone involved

Virtual graduation event

As some of you probably already noticed on social media, we celebrated the graduation of several Start Smart classes two weeks ago. Although this was not the celebration we had in mind (packed group pictures, celebratory kisses, graduation hats flying in the air, etc.), we're still pretty proud of the fact that we were able to pull this off in a completely virtual context.

Congratulations Anke De Bleecker, Bart Cools, David Bueds, Jasper Speleers, Julia Wong, Krizia Bedeer, Lena Verbrugge, Louis Deville-Cavellin, Matthieu Van Den Abbeele, Michaïl Van Driessche, Robin Van Roy, Stijn Pittomvils, Sam De Meyer, Thomas Puggia, Wannes Naudts, Willem Loobuyck, Yasko Dest & Tetyana Yeremenko!

To those who will be integrating at their client: All the best with what's to come and we're looking forward to welcoming you at our alumni events!

To those who are starting their follow up Grow or Lead Smart program: Fasten your seatbelts!

Projective group & Gimv

A new partnership

Gimv (a European investment company) has acquired a minority stake in Projective Group. As we explained in our latest Meeting of the Minds, Exellys is also a part of that group and this investment will allow us to move forward on our buy-and-build strategy.

This won't have a direct effect on you, except that we'll be able to create more career opportunities for everyone!

Stefan Dierckx: “Projective Group has reached a level where further international expansion through acquisitions can turbo-charge our group’s growth. With its 40 years of experience, Gimv is the perfect partner to embark on this new adventure. Gimv specializes in supporting companies that demonstrate innovative strength, entrepreneurship and ambitious growth plans. They help build those plans in order to accelerate expansion. And that is exactly what we at Projective Group want to achieve.”

Read more right here:

One more thing...

Before we forget

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