Monthly update

Dear Exellyst,

Because we don't want to bombard you with information that isn't strictly need to know on Speakap, we’re sharing these monthly updates in the form of a webpage.

Here we will give you an overview of new joiners, upcoming events, training information, new Exellys blogposts, updates in our client portfolio, interesting Exellys projects, etc.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Welcome aboard

New joiners

In the last weeks, we've welcomed two new Exellysts, please join us in wishing them all the best (you can start by sending them a connection request on LinkedIn and/or say hi on Speakap):

By the way, if you have people in your network who have what it takes to become an Exellyst, don't hesitate to list them as a referral. There's always room for motivated and talented people and you'll get a nice referral bonus in return...

See you soon?

Upcoming events

For obvious reasons, we haven't been hosting as much events as we would've liked to. But since the world is slowly getting back to normal, we do have several (corona-proof) activities coming up in the following weeks and months. As always, you can find more information on Speakap, as we'll publish these events very soon!

  • 12/06: Exellys at the beach
  • 24/06: Update call
  • 15/07: Afterwork BBQ
  • 18/08: Afterwork BBQ

A brand new initiative

Exellys cloud programmes

Since we're noticing an increase in cloud-related jobs at several of our clients and prospects, we decided to launch our very own cloud programmes.

We've made two separate webpages (one for each specific track) where potential programme candidates can find more info and are able to download the complete course syllabus. You can have a closer look at both tracks through the buttons below.

We'll be sharing a lot more information on these programmes in our update call of June 24th but if you happen to know any aspiring cloud developers and/or infrastructure engineers, don't hesitate to send them the link to these webpages as you'll also get the same referral bonus as for 'regular' candidates.

Stefan Dierckx & Jurgen Ingels
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We need your help

The Exellys referral program

As you know, we're constantly on the lookout for new Exellysts. And you can help us.

Check in with your network and if you happen to know someone who might have what it takes, list them as a referral.

For every person that we can schedule an interview with, you'll get a budget of €100 to spend at your favourite restaurant (on take away or when it re-opens). For every hire, you'll get a cash bonus between €1.200 and €1.400.

Check out our current job openings and start looking around!


A very happy birthday to...

  • 01/06 Sam De Meyer
  • 03/06 Jonas Medaer
  • 07/06 Sam Ghesquiere
  • 09/06 Hendrik Danau
  • 12/06 Yves Bos
  • 14/06 Lodewijk Janssens
  • 17/06 Hans Vernimme
  • 18/06 Wim Schmitz
  • 21/06 Ruben Gysemans
  • 23/06 Florian Vermeir
  • 25/06 Caroline Mariën
  • 29/06 Jens Donckers
  • 29/06 Matthias Vermeulen

Are you one of the birthday kids of this month? Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox because a gift is coming your way! 🎁 Double check your spam folder to be sure not to miss it!

Also, there's a new Speakap feature that highlights birthdays on the homepage. So please fill in your date of birth on your personal profile if you haven't done so yet!

new beginnings


These Exellysts will join their client after successfully concluding their Smart Program:
  • Virginie Slagmolen (Belfius Insurance)
  • Pieter Maesen (Swift)
  • Stijn Pittomvils (Projective)
  • Frederik Allaeys (Atlas Copco)
Unfortunately, these people will be leaving Exellys:
  • Kamen Zhekov
  • Roy Heijnerman
  • Willem Loobuyck
  • Laura Cools
  • Vincent Demeulenaere
We wish everyone all the best with whatever's next in their careers and happily welcome all of them at our next Alumni event!

mark your calendars

Update call: June 24th

Since the entire group is still too big to host a physical Meeting of the Minds and we don't want to take up an entire afternoon, we'll be hosting another virtual update call at the end of the month.

Keep an eye on Speakap as we'll publish an event with all the details very soon. Spoiler alert: It probably won't be longer than an hour and will probably take place over lunch.

In the meantime, you can have a look at the recording of our previous Meeting of the Minds in March.


On the internal team

There's never an easy way to communicate this but both Anke De Bleecker & Laure Busschot will be parting ways with Exellys. Obviously, we wish both of them all the best with their next career steps and hope to still welcome them at our office bar from time to time.

To maintain continuity, we already have several candidates in the pipeline to join the Tech Talent Scout team.

But there's also good news. Both Office Manager Mariam Keita and Brand Experience Marketeer Krizia Bedeer recently gave birth to two beautiful babies. Welcome to this world Rune & Labi Kamara! Please join us in wishing both moms all the best!

Let's talk about Microservices

Talk of the Minds Recap

Last week, the Tech Tribe invited Deven Philips from Red Hat for a talk on microservice architecture.

Deven is a senior consulting engineer at Red Hat and works in a team that focuses on helping organisations with building high performing teams that deliver software to market more quickly. Apart from having broad experience with multiple popular programming languages and different architectural paradigms Deven specialises in microservices and cloud computing with a focus on DevOps practises to create solutions.

You can watch the recording of his talk right here!

One more thing...

Before we forget

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Go for gold. Be excellent.

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Ilse Roosens