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About the Challenge

As a Front-End Developer at Delen Private Bank, you will be responsible for performant web and mobile applications. You will have to maintain the app and introduce new features. Once you have defined the design, you will have to test and document the apps through functional and technical analysis. And of course, fixing bugs will be part of your daily dose of front-end development.


Your skills

Delen Private Bank is looking for someone with a passion for technology and applications. Your best soft skill needs to be communicating clearly and listening attentively. You’re mind is both creative and analytical. Stress doesn’t mean anything to you.

They are looking for someone who worked hard for the following skills:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in IT, ICT, Computer Science or Multimedia
  • You speak JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 fluently
  • You are a native Dutch speaker

Our offer

We are not a recruitment agency and we are not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed. We are tech talent integrators and this is how we roll…

  • You become part of the Exellys community (we pay you, while your career takes off) but you are working on a challenging project for our client.
  • You get a personal career coach, access to technical trainings and are encouraged to obtain certificates to match your needs and ambitions.
  • After two years, you’ll get the opportunity to work for the client as a permanent employee (they pay you, while your career is accelerated).

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Key figures

  • Family-based company with 80 years’ experience
  • +1 billion euros worth of assets invested by Belgian customers
  • Innovative App and online platform
  • Active in 5 countries

Company insights

More about this organisation

Delen Private Bank focuses on balanced growth and the protection of their clients’ assets. They outline a long-term strategy for smart investment through clear, comprehensible products. They want to help their clients in passing on assets to their future generations in an easy and accessible manner. Their core values are discretion, responsiveness and transparency.


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Astrid Roest