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About the Challenge

Are you ready to work for the one and only ‘Spotify of Banking’? 

Do you want to have an impact on the business of a company with 47 million customers worldwide? 

Do you want to work in Brussels? 

Well - then we like to present to you, one of our biggest clients: ING. 

Since ING is a large player in the banking industry, there is a lot of software involved. And when we say a lot, we really mean...a lot! 

That’s why they are looking for a DevOps engineer who can speed up and automate all aspects of the processes of developing, testing and releasing software and software updates. 

In essence a DevOps engineer’s job is to bridge the gap between the developers and the IT staff and oversees the code releases. 

Sounds like music to your ears?


Your skills

  • You love working in a Squad.
    Nope, not the FBI kind. But the kind where you work closely with your teammates to reach common goals and lift each other’s growth.
  • Security & IT Risk peak your interest.
    You’d love to make a contribution to ensuring that every ING customer’s financial details are safe and secure. You ban hackers out of ING’s IT systems!
  • Not a single detail goes unnoticed by you.
    Because you realize that even the smallest detail is crucial to delivering top quality you use your analytical skills to detect and improve each and every one of them.
  • ‘Agile’, ‘Scrum’ and ‘CI/CD’? Sure, bring it on!
    You have had a first experience where daily stand ups are common practice and where you got used to an ongoing practice of improving software & IT solutions. 
  • You know that GIT, Maven, Jenkins and Artifactory, Ansible aren’t the latest hip hop artists. 
    Nope, because you have worked with these tools before, or at least worked in an environment where they did. 
  • You’ve had a taste of IT testing before.
    You’re familiar with software testing and know your way around with testing frameworks. 
  • You like Java. 
    A first experience with this development language is important to us. 
  • You know that GIT, Maven, Jenkins and Artifactory, Ansible aren’t the latest hip hop artists. 
    Nope, because you have worked with these tools before, or at least worked in an environment where they did.
  • You like to design customer experiences.
    You’re able to walk in the customer’s shoes and design a software solution that takes their worries away. 
  • Reading this job offer in English? No problemo! 
    If you’re also completely ok with applying to this job offer by writing us an English reply, then your language skills are on point. 
  • Speaking of languages... 
    You’re also familiar with at least 1 object oriented programming language. 
  • You’re a communicative chameleon. 
    One who is perfectly able to have a conversation with all of your ING colleagues: a fellow team mate, a UX/UI designer, the CIO or  receptionist. People simply love to have a chat with you. 

Our offer

At Exellys, you’re in the driver’s seat of your career. It’s our job to guide and support you every step of the way. 

Why? Because we know that it can be quite a challenge to choose a clear direction in life when you’re at the start of your career. 

  • We help you land a job at one of our clients that fits your ambitions, while you’re being supported by your very own personal talent development manager (Sounds fancy doesn’t it!). 
  • You enroll in one of our 2-year training and coaching programs (Start Smart, Grow Smart) that brings you to the next level in your career. Quick Fact: 7 out of 10 Exellysts say that this is the exact reason why they started working with us in the first place.
  • After these 2 years, it’s all up to you. Did you like working at your client and would you like to keep doing so? Well, you can! We make sure you integrate smoothly to becoming our client’s employee. 
  • Don’t want to work for the same client? Not a worry! We help you to find your next step that puts a smile upon your face. 

All of this sounds great to you? Well, then hit the Apply button, and let’s have a chat. No strings attached. We would love to get to know you. 

Key figures

  • Office in Brussels
  • The Spotify of banking
  • 47 million customers
  • Active in over 40 countries

Company insights

More about this organisation

The ING Group’s mission is to ‘Empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.’ 

It is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation with its headquarters in Amsterdam. ING Group’s primary businesses are retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, asset management and insurance services. 

Did you know that ING is an abbreviation for ‘Internationale Nederlanden Groep’?


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