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Exellys is specialised in attracting and integrating strong IT talent for large and medium-sized companies and major Tech start-ups in Belgium. We bridge the gap between the academic and business world by creating the ‘ideal incubator' for young IT professionals.

Hey, you… Wanna be part of the future? 

Yeah, yeah. We know. You get that all the time. 

But this time it’s really different. 

Exellys is hiring Software Developers for one of the most promising FinTech scale-up in Brussels. 


Top secret. We can’t tell you everything now, can we? All we can say is these guys are the real deal. They developed a really awesome online platform for company insurances that insurance agents can use to enhance their life.

Interested in enhancing yours as well? Our client is looking for a lot of people to come help them develop their platform even further, so it becomes a worldwide standard in the insurance world. 

Do you feel up for the task? 

About the challenge

You’ll be software developing an online platform in the insurance industry, working in our client’s office in Brussels. They use Node.js on a React framework, MongoDB for databases and run everything on AWS. You’ll work in a team of 25 colleagues. Up until now, at least. This company is growing like crazy, so prepare yourself for working with even more people in the future! 

What we need from you

  • You feel like growing. Seriously. We mean it on an individual level, but also be prepared to work in an environment that just keeps on growing. 
  • You speak Dutch or French, AND a big amount of words in English as well please. 
  • You know your way around software development, of course. Experience with Node.js, MongoDB and AWS will be welcomed with great, great enthusiasm. 
  • You are available quickly. THEY ALREADY NEEDED YOU YESTERDAY! 

Why Exellys

We’re not a recruitment agency and we’re not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed.

We are IT talent integrators.

This is how we roll...

  • You become an Exellyst (we pay you) but you work on challenging projects at the client.
  • You get a personal career coach & get to pick technical trainings and certificates to match your needs and ambitions. 
  • After 2 years, you’ll get the opportunity to work for this top secret company as a permanent employee (they pay you). 
  • Sparked your interest? Want to know more about the job? About Exellys? About our remuneration package? You know what to do… hit that APPLY button!

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