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Exellys is specialised in attracting and integrating strong IT talent for large and medium-sized companies and major Tech start-ups in Belgium. We bridge the gap between the academic and business world by creating the ‘ideal incubator' for young IT professionals.

Do it yourself and you do it better, right?

How much we appreciate a nice round of teamwork here at Exellys, there definitely is some truth to this mantra. 

A company that lives for and from this mantra, is the company we’re hiring for today. 

It’s the biggest player in the do-it-yourself market in Belgium. A name we cannot give you, but trust us when we say thousands of homes have become better using material from this giant. 

They are currently investing heavily in the digitization of their business. The main focus for the near future is the further development of a kick-ass online shop.

It’s the next step, ordered by their strong and charismatic CEO, to make the company even more profitable in the future. 

Of course, they are doing it all themselves. But they cannot do it without hiring some bright young talents to help them. 

It truly is the place to be, if you are all up for a dynamic, ambitious company. 

Feel ready for the challenge? Hit the apply button as quickly as possible then. 

And please. Do it yourself.  

About the challenge

You will become a part of the e-commerce team in the IT division, that is developing the e-shop of this company to make it just as awesome in 2021 as it is in 2018. Your colleagues will call you an SAP Hybris Developer, since that’s what you will be doing. SAP Hybris is the e-commerce SAP module the company is using for their online shop.  

Most of the time, you will be implementing functional adaptations and analyzing technical aspects of the SAP Hybris back office. Of course, you will integrate all this with other solutions like other SAP modules and Adobe AEM. 

Last but definitely not least, you will be training, coaching and supporting key users. So that they can do it themselves in the end. 

What we need from you

  • You rock a bachelor and/or master’s degree in IT.
  • Implementing and configuring Hybris Commerce Suite is a cakewalk for you, thanks to playing with it for at least 3 years and 2 project cycles. 
  • You are Agile (see what we did there?). Oh, and if you did Adobe Experience Manager before as well, definitely tell us.
  • When we throw a problem at you, you solve it easily with your analytical skills and can-do attitude.
  • Don’t wait for us to throw the problem though. We want someone who sees opportunities for change and growth and communicate them.
  • You know how to ace a project. Missing a deadline is just not your style. 
  • You like doing stuff yourself, but also excel in a team thanks to your open mind, supportiveness and flexibility.

Why Exellys

We’re not a recruitment agency and we’re not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed.

We are IT talent integrators.

This is how we roll...

  • You become an Exellyst (we pay you) but you work on challenging projects at the client.
  • You get a personal career coach & get to pick technical trainings and certificates to match your needs and ambitions. 
  • After 2 years, you’ll get the opportunity to work for the client as a permanent employee (they pay you). 
  • Sparked your interest? Want to know more about the job? About Exellys? About our remuneration package? You know what to do… hit that APPLY button!

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