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Exellys is specialised in attracting and integrating strong IT talent for large and medium-sized companies and major Tech start-ups in Belgium. We bridge the gap between the academic and business world by creating the ‘ideal incubator' for young IT professionals.

You know how to program and develop with Open Source code and firmly believe in the vast possibilities it gives to company IT Infrastructure? Amazing. 

But did you know that Inuits not only live in Greenland, Canada and Alaska, but also in Belgium and the rest of Europe? 

Strange question to ask, huh. But not when you’re hiring Open Source Developers for Inuits, the #1 open source ICT company in Belgium. So, put on your best fur winter coat, buckle up and read along! 

About the challenge

Inuits are a special breed. They created a typical start-up/scale-up culture with a flat structure, informal atmosphere and plenty, plenty of group activities, even after work hours. You’ll become an Open Source Developer Inuit. 

What that means? 

You’ll be working on DevOps, SAAS, Consulting or the implementation of Open Source in custom web development, business process management or whatever the IT heart of Inuits’ clients desires. Because, as a true Inuit knows: no challenge is ever the same, so flexibility is part of our nature. Except for the fact that we only use Open Source tools, of course. 

The Belgian Inuit Igloos are located in Ghent and Brasschaat, but you’ll be working on-site with our clients a lot as well. Fancy an international experience? Inuits are spread all over Europe, and even have Igloos in Rotterdam, Prague, Brno and Kiev! 

What we need from you

    • You better love an innovative sharing and teamwork culture. It makes Inuits excel all over Europe. 
    • You are prepared to work all over Belgium. Wanna expand your horizon to the rest of Europe? Even more interesting! 
    • You know your way around technology and open source developing, of course. Experience with DevOps, SAAS, Consulting and the implementation of open source will make the Inuits hearts beat faster
    • You don’t feel like reading Chinese (you better understand some English though…) when you scroll over to and read some of the blogposts of your future colleagues
    • … and that’s basically it!

    Why Exellys

    We’re not a recruitment agency and we’re not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed.

    We are IT talent integrators.

    This is how we roll...

  • You become an Exellyst (we pay you) but you work on challenging projects at Swift.
  • You get a personal career coach & get to pick technical trainings and certificates to match your needs and ambitions. 
  • After 2 years, you’ll get the opportunity to work for Swift as a permanent employee (they pay you). 
  • Sparked your interest? Want to know more about the job? About Exellys? About Swift? About our remuneration package? You know what to do… hit that APPLY button!

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