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Are you passionate about Recruitment?

Check! Move a bit closer to your screen and find out if you are the Tech talent scout we’re looking for.

Tech young professionals are as rare as diamonds — so it’s a rough and rugged road to hire them. 

But, that’s where you come in.

  • You guarantee a continuous inflow of talented and motivated candidates via different recruitment channels (our own database, linkedin, online campaigning, jobboards,…), this in close cooperation with our brand & growth team
  • You interview and select candidates and guide them through our hiring process with care and respect.
  • You guide our consultants through interviews with clients, giving them feedback and help them find the perfect project. 
  • You give introductions to newcomers and you prepare our candidates in their first steps as an Tech consultant.

Did we just describe your profile? Then, read on…

At Exellys, our sole focus is to attract young Tech talents and nurture them towards excellence. We bridge the gap between the academic and business world by creating the ‘ideal incubator' for young Tech professionals.

What we need from you

You have 1-5 year’s experience in Talent Acquisition. You would describe yourself as a real “hunter”, you get a kick out of finding the best candidate for the job and will keep on going until your mission Is accomplished.    

You hold a Master’s degree in Psychology, Communication, Business Sciences or similar.

You’re a language juggler: you are fluent in Dutch and English is ‘a piece of cake for you’.

We can keep going on and make a long list of must-haves…but you should definitely have tons of energy, good jokes, the ability to connect with others and ‘goesting’ (sorry, there is no English word for this).

Why Exellys

We hire for attitude, and train for skill. There are plenty of opportunities for you to develop your skills and take on additional responsibilities as you grow.

We never tell the sky is the limit, as there are footprints on the moon. Expect to become part of an ambitious team in a fast-growing company.

If you give peanuts, you get monkeys, that’s why we provide an attractive salary and package of perquisites. The choice to take a company car is totally up to you.

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We really appreciate your interest and you can sign in directly. We do want to let you know that we have a strict intake proces. Specially when it comes to soft skills.

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