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Exellys is specialised in attracting and integrating strong IT talent for large and medium-sized companies and major Tech start-ups in Belgium. We bridge the gap between the academic and business world by creating the ‘ideal incubator' for young IT professionals.

Zaventem. The heart of our Belgian international connectivity. And the home turf of our client we’re currently hiring for.

They’re specialised in… you guessed it: infrastructure and networking from an IT point of view. 

National institutions like Brussels Airport, NMBS and the Ministry of Defence like working with them. A lot. 

Due to this huge popularity, our client badly needs new team members so their clients like them even better. 

You will work in a team of consultants, based in Zaventem, to accomplish missions related to the implementation and support of network-based solutions.

This includes mostly working from Zaventem or at the clients' offices, although occasional abroad missions could be required, depending on the ongoing projects. 

Do you wanna become a member of their team? 

About the Challenge

Your home base will be Zaventem, where you will spend 50% of your time. The other 50% will be on the road, at your clients’ offices. What you will do there? Tricky question. The missions can be varied, in many different circumstances.

Discovering and testing new solutions, components or features. 

Participating to trainings and obtaining the required certifications. 

Implementing and maintaining customized solutions.  

Keeping current on new technologies, standards and evolutions. 

Resolving incidents and problems raised by the customer. 

Participating in projects and documenting the customers’ infrastructures and the implementation details. 

And so on. You name it, they could have it. As long as it’s in an infrastructure context, of course. 

What we need from you

  • You stay connected and know how Ethernet, network protocols such as TCP/IP and network core survices (DHCP, IPAM, DNS) work. 
  • Not always a cable guy? Good, because you’ll need experience in LAN and WLAN implementations as well.
  • We like layered people. In this case, that means experience in Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies, with IP routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, EIGRP) and Network Monitoring Solutions.
  • You have a “je ne sais quoi” in French, an “iets onweerstaanbaars” in Dutch and you better shine in English as well.
  • There is no I in Team. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. 
  • You can assess and adapt easily to any given situation and bring the analytical and editorial skills to beat them. 
  • You prepare proactively, so you can accurately beat your challenges on time.  
  • Good is never good enough. You’re constantly improving your knowledge to meet the industry requirements.
  • Already have some experience with Extreme, HP, Aruba Networks, Cicsco and maybe even gained professional qualifications and/or certifications? Awesome, definitely tell us. 

Why Exellys

We’re not a recruitment agency and we’re not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed.

We are IT talent integrators.

This is how we roll...

  • You become an Exellyst (we pay you) but you work on challenging projects at the client.
  • You get a personal career coach & get to pick technical trainings and certificates to match your needs and ambitions. 
  • After 2 years, you’ll get the opportunity to work for the client as a permanent employee (they pay you). 
  • Sparked your interest? Want to know more about the job? About Exellys? About our remuneration package? You know what to do… hit that APPLY button!

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