Stefan Dierckx

Founder & CEO Projective

1. Start with Why: Why did you agree to join the Exellys Advisory Board?

Due to my experience in the fintech industry, I was approached to act as a sparring partner during the establishment of the business plan. This sparked a particular interest in the company and its further development. Our company -The Glue – became an Exellys customer, which brings an outside-in perspective to the table.

2. Added Value: Which of your competencies & expertise will be most beneficial to Exellys?

My contribution to the Exellys advisory board lies in the network and my personal experience with the growth pains of a services business, where consultants are mainly active in clients’ organisations. Analytical skills as a vector for a structural back-office approach and a driver for consistency should also help protect the value of the business.

3. Chrystal Ball: If you’d imagine Exellys’ future development, what do you (like to) see (happening)?

If you’d imagine Exellys’ future development, what do you (like to) see (happening)?
Besides already clearly defined shorter and long term goals, one can envision a couple of options for Exellys, such as an international growth path. This would require additional steps to ensure sustainable future growth.

4. Greatest Hits: Think about Exellys as a song.

The song I identify Exellys most with is "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones, because I experience Exellys as a well thought out business model delivered to the market by the team in a highly professional way since its start-up in 2014.

Stefan Dierckx Founder & CEO Projective