Peter Wens

Co-Founder Exellys - Founder & CEO Brainbridge Group

1. Start with Why: Why did you agree to join the Exellys Advisory Board?

Regardless of my commitment as Exellys Founding Partner, I enjoy the fruitful exchange of thoughts and perspectives with a highly complementary team of advisory board members. Inspiring personalities that spark ideas and provide oxygen to stretch the current state of business.

2. Added Value: Which of your competencies & expertise will be most beneficial to Exellys?

Being a true serial entrepreneur, I thrive on gut-feeling and a hands-on, can-do attitude. This complements the team with foresight and a clear solutions-orientation which is beneficiary in an increasingly agile business context.

3. Chrystal Ball: If you’d imagine Exellys’ future development, what do you (like to) see (happening)?

The cross-fertilization with the Brainbridge Group companies can be valuable to the future development of Exellys.
There is a potential stretch in the model on specific markets with talent scarcity.

4. Greatest Hits: Think about Exellys as a song.

The song I identify Exellys most with is "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, because of the similarities with the young graduates’ life. In this case, leaving the academic world and stepping-up to the professional challenges with a steep learning curve ahead.

Peter Wens Co-Founder Exellys - Founder & CEO Brainbridge Group