Peter Samijn

Strategic Advisor Cyres - Partner at Benthurst&Co

1. Start with Why: Why did you agree to join the Exellys Advisory Board?

The combination of the service Exellys brings to the market and how it is executed makes it a very compelling value proposition. One that I’d like to be associated with.
The people running this venture appeal to me too. They’re driven and have a strong sense of ethics.

2. Added Value: Which of your competencies & expertise will be most beneficial to Exellys?

I like to bring ideas and opportunities from the businesses I have managed into a whole new field of application. This cross fertilisation is sometimes difficult for the team in charge of daily operations, and is a rewarding opportunity for me as an external board member.

3. Chrystal Ball: If you’d imagine Exellys’ future development, what do you (like to) see (happening)? 

I would like to see, and I trust very much that they will, achieve their growth plans while maintaining amazing rates of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.
The wholehearted double focus on these 2 stakeholder groups is essential to Exellys. Later on, I’ll make it a point to help them find out where else they can apply this recipe to diversify their growth.

4. Greatest Hits: Think about Exellys as a song.

The song I identify Exellys most with is “New Kid in Town” by the Eagles. I’m not going to over-analyse this, but, for a start, I’m a fan of oldies. Then, Exellys nicely fits the description “everybody’s talking about the new kid in town”. And I know Exellys has the potential to become a “classic” just like the Eagles.

Peter Samijn Strategic Advisor Cyres - Partner at Benthurst&Co