Partner story: Outward Bound

Interview with Mr. Dirk De Vilder, Senior Facilitator & Account Manager

Exellys offers IT graduates and professionals great chances to gather unique development experiences in the earliest stage of their careers. This bookmarks them, together with their customers, as true investors in people. Dirk De Vilder, Senior Facilitator & Account Manager at Outward Bound

How did you get to know Exellys?

We met Exellys via word of mouth.

Which value adding solution(s) are you providing to help Exellys with the challenge(s) they face?

Outward Bound offers process oriented experiential learning to help people grow and improve their relationships with others.

We cover 7 days as part of the Exellys Grow Smart programme, facilitating the leadership development of 14 IT Professionals from 5 companies.

More specifically, we focus on group dynamics, self-consciousness, self-reflection and leadership development. We help participants to gain insights into their personal leadership style, how to handle and cope with change and provide group- coaching and feedback.

The dynamics we experience when working with Exellys graduates on our programme, shows similarities with what we observe when working with, for example, MBA’s at Insead.

How would you describe the partnership between Outward Bound and Exellys?

The partnership with Exellys enables us to make the most of what we have to offer, autonomy and openness. We know what they ultimately want to achieve when helping to grow graduates on the programme to a next level.

A key benefit for participants of our tailor-made programme is the fast coaching feedback-loop with Exellys Leadership Development Managers. We aim for seamless integration of graduates’ observed development areas during our team sessions with the depth of their individual coaching track.