Aveve - IT transformation

Interview with Mr. Erwin Verstraelen, CIO at Aveve

A perfect triple win between our company, the candidates and Exellys. The uniqueness of the model is rooted in its’ authentic and people centric approach. Erwin Verstraelen, CIO at Aveve

How did you get to know Exellys?

A determined account manager of Brainbridge, the group Exellys is part of, approached us. Our specific needs, however, didn't provide the right ground to do business. But he recommended having a chat with Exellys, which lead to the truly close collaboration we have today.

Which specific challenges did your organization face concerning IT Talent?

I joined Aveve as CIO in 2011, in the context of a deep IT strategy study that had been carried out. It was the starting point for a companywide IT transformation. Imagine a group with a strong legacy and 60 operating companies that have the need to harmonise processes, establish best practices, roll out scalable solutions, and more. The answer was a combination of a centralised ERP solution and multiple programs that require new competencies and a broader facilitation of business processes.

Also, half of our IT-team was going to be 50 by 2019, and we had the urgent need to rejuvenate the organisation. Given the war for IT Talent, Aveve did not have the image nor the brand position to easily attract the white crows we were seeking.

What value did you get from Exellys in helping your organization to solve this challenge?

The planned onboarding, assimilating and integrating of 10 to 20 new people over the next few years to come is exactly the type of challenge for which Exellys is offering the satisfactory solutions. Moreover, thanks to our partnership, we can attract top profiles from a wide-ranging academic background — talents that otherwise would probably not shortlist Aveve as a potential employer.

We are not listed on the stock market and embrace a long-term, entrepreneurial and societal relevant vision - we provide for basic needs. This is where the Exellys matchmaking process shined. We’ve seen that when values between candidates and our company match, that fuels an authentic and sincere mutual commitment.

Exellys also offers their young graduates an ambitious but safe framework and growth path during the first years of their careers. Open communication and coaching facilitate the collective journey.

Currently, we have five Exellys graduates on our team of which 3 Business Architects, who design and monitor future processes. We also have a civil engineering profile on board who looks into system integration.

How would you quantify the potential (business) impact of partnering with Exellys ?

We get fast access to the top 25% academic profiles, which shortens the search cycle. In a traditional recruitment model, we’d easily spend six months, plus the fee. Moreover, I would estimate we spend 6 to 7 months less on onboarding. With the number of Exellys graduates on our team, this adds up to an economic impact of 5 man-years. And then I’m not even taking into account all the ‘soft’ advantages.